Understanding How a Cleaning Service Can Help You
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Understanding How a Cleaning Service Can Help You

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Understanding How a Cleaning Service Can Help You

Your Questions About Carpet Steam Cleaning Answered

Karl Henderson

Carpets are a top choice for a majority of homeowners since they are not only a cost-efficient alternative to bare, unattractive floors but they also come in a vast selection of styles and designs to match any décor scheme imaginable. But for your carpets to remain attractive, you need to provide them with more than just the occasional vacuuming.

While there is a range of deep cleaning solutions that you can consider, steam cleaning remains a leading option due to the array of advantages that it offers. If you have never enlisted this type of professional cleaning before, you could be sceptical about paying for specialised cleaning rather than wash your carpets on your own. Below are a couple of your questions about carpet steam cleaning answered.

Why is steam cleaning different from other carpet cleaning techniques?

As stated above, vacuuming is essential for your carpets, as this method functions to eliminate dust, debris and grime that has settled at the top of the carpet. But this is as far as vacuuming goes in terms of eliminating stubborn stains or particles that have embedded on the carpet fibres. For these contaminants, deep cleaning is best. While chemical cleaning is a popular solution for these deeply-embedded pollutants, this method does introduce toxins into your home and will leave a lingering odour of chemicals in the air.

Steam cleaning, conversely, exclusively employs water that has been heated past its boiling point to release hot vapour that is then injected directly into the dirty carpet. The steam breaks down hardened particles and stubborn stains. Water extraction is not necessary since the hot steam dries fast.

What benefits does the carpet steam cleaning offer?

Since this form of carpet cleaning only employs steam as its active cleaning agent, some people tend to be doubtful about its efficacy. But the reality is that this solution offers a range of advantages that you would be hard-pressed to come across with other options.

For starters, the high heat is strong enough to kill microorganisms that could be breeding in your carpets such as mould, dust mites and even bacteria. This characteristic inadvertently benefits your air quality too, as regular steam cleaning will eliminate these contaminants from your carpet and, subsequently, your indoor air.

The second advantage of this cleaning technique is its lack of chemical use. If you or any of your loved ones struggle with respiratory problems, you will find that steam cleaning is best for your overall health since you will not have to contend with any lingering toxicity in the air. 

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