Understanding How a Cleaning Service Can Help You
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Understanding How a Cleaning Service Can Help You

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Understanding How a Cleaning Service Can Help You

Should your carpet cleaning service use steam cleaning or dry cleaning?

Karl Henderson

A professional carpet cleaning service is invaluable if you want your carpets to look fresh and to be free of any harmful bacteria or mites. However, you may be confused as to whether your carpets should be steam-cleaned or dry-cleaned. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Steam cleaning

Strictly speaking, it is not the steam that cleans the carpet. Detergent is sprayed into the carpet that is then activated by the hot water and vacuumed up.

One advantage of steam cleaning is that it deep cleans the carpets and will remove dirt that has penetrated through to the bottom of the carpet. This makes it a good choice for carpets that are used regularly by pets - especially if they have soiled the carpet or have left stains. The steam-cleaning method should remove the stains and will be more hygienic. It is also a good idea if you are just moving into a property and want a deep clean before you start living there, as you will not know what kind of dirt has set into the carpet.

The disadvantage is that steam cleaning is likely to be more expensive than dry cleaning. There is also the problem that the carpet will have to dry out before the room can be used again. Professional cleaners can remove most of the moisture, but it will still take a day or two before the carpet is a hundred per cent dry.

Dry cleaning

When a carpet is dry cleaned, dry chemicals are spread over the carpet which break down the dirt. They can then be vacuumed up. This is usually cheaper than steam cleaning and means that the carpet can be used immediately as it remains dry.

However, there may be an issue with some of the chemicals being used. Although a professional will ensure that the right cleaners are used for your carpets, they can be harsh, and there may be an issue if you have any allergies. They may also leave a residue in deep carpet. You should make sure you talk to your cleaner about which chemicals are being used on your carpet.

As a general rule, steam-cleaning is better for deep cleaning, while dry cleaning is quicker. If you are in any doubt, however, just talk to a carpet cleaning service who will know which method is best for you.

To learn more, contact a carpet cleaning company.